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At 95, this man lived. He lived for love, others, help, justice, sacrifice, honor, kindness, bravery, equality, toughness, courage, strength, and (greatness is gone) human spirit. Was he imprisoned for 27 years, when he got out did he seek revenge as the answer? No, never. He wanted society to heal and he changed Africa. He […]

To say the roll out of Obamacare AKA the ACA was glitchy, sloggy, bad, and very poopy is an understatement. It sucked donkey balls. BUT, it is (the ACA or car loan?) now working. And since the” TeaOP’s” only currently political policy is to repeal it, they’ll have to basically lie every 3 seconds about […]

FOX news isn’t “news”, & it isn’t “reality”. It’s a delusional acid trip for ‘clinically insane nutters’ trying to pretend what is said on their (baby Jesus is older) channel is magically somehow ‘true’. It’s not. None of it is, but they make older nutters searching for the 1950’s again feel like its back Welllllll, […]

It seems the current TeaOP/Republican party has a permanent address located somewhere in Bizarro World. Rush, & the other talking heads of (All are welcome) the “right wing hate machine” are now going after the Pope. So wow, for what?!?! Well Pope Francis said that “unfettered Capitalism” is an issue that has created a “new […]

I’m back baby! *No one is paying attention* Awwwwwww shit. Oh, and the most important thing about shopping on Black Friday(the bold new (“Ouch!”) blacksplotation action hero) is ‘chalking up your elbows’, and being able to use CQC(close quarters combat) to avoid getting your eye ‘blackened’ It’s not just the “sales”, it’s the “running”, the […]

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