To say the roll out of Obamacare AKA the ACA was glitchy, sloggy, bad,

and very poopy is an understatement. It sucked donkey balls. BUT, it is

(the ACA or car loan?)

now working. And since the” TeaOP’s” only currently political policy is

to repeal it, they’ll have to basically lie every 3 seconds about it, so they

can pretend it’s still broken. What do they want to put in it’s place? Try

N-O-T-H-I-N-G on for size. A modern political party is now running on

a political platform of “well fuck everyone who isn’t already wealthy!!!”

They don’t appeal to anyone anymore. Only bitter ‘richies’, racists, and

older rural folks who think, “keep the gumberments hands off my SS!!!”

(stop acting so stupid)

My union SAG-AFTRA is cancelling my insurance plan. I will now have

to go into the Exchanges. I will tell my unfiltered experiences when they

happen. 50,000 people at the same time can go on, using together with

no lags. Whoooooooo hoooooooooo, right?!?! And it’s actually going to

cost LESS then projected. Do TeaOP’s care? Nope. They’re in a constant

struggle with reality & always failing. Most people call them chronic liars

They are now saying “it’s ruining the economy”, & “it’s costing too much”

When you offer no policy, & your only known political agenda is to “fuck

(what a moron)

Obama” (not realizing it also badly hurts voters), life tends to be big lies

Here’s a pretty great compilation of them spewing tons of insane BS lies

They aren’t governing. If they do, “Obama wins”. Can’t do that. This will

work. It will still have bumps like EVERY new system that has been put

in place, since the dawn of man. The difference?! You got people rooting

for failure, rather than creating solutions. Happened with Social Security

AND Medicare, AND the FDA, AND education. Anything the government

does is instantly attacked by Republicans; UNLESS they’re in office. Then

you better not say a single thing *cough* IRAQ, or else you’ll be labeled a

“Commie Un-American Pile Of Shit Who Should Love It Or Leave It”?!?!?

(no replace, & who is this guy?)

They are going “bonkers” for one reason only. They know once it’s up and

running. People will love it. If they thought it would fail, you let it fail bad

and run on THAT. They don’t think it will. And the cold truth is, once this

succeeds. They will ALL be running on it saying “Nooo, we loved this idea,

but just want to fix it more”. And that “fix” is going back to the status quo

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In two years, every

Republican will be running as if they themselves invented this whole idea

Ahhhhhhhh no. We have eyes, 1,000’s of clips, and ears that heard it ALL

Tomorrow: Short blog, it’s my wives birthday, & want to really enjoy it

Have a day!

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