I’m back baby! *No one is paying attention* Awwwwwww shit. Oh, and

the most important thing about shopping on Black Friday(the bold new


blacksplotation action hero) is ‘chalking up your elbows’, and being able

to use CQC(close quarters combat) to avoid getting your eye ‘blackened’

It’s not just the “sales”, it’s the “running”, the “shoving”, and the intense

“insane look” in shoppers eyes that tells you it is Black Friday. The only

good news is avoiding it all for me. My wife, mother in law, & daughter

all do the Black Friday. I don’t. I can’t. Hell, it is like consumer Thunder

(What the Fuck?)

Dome for shit sakes. Like Tina Turner sang, “Weeee don’t need another

hero”. And in me, you definitely do not have one. Not now, and not ever

They have to change the same of stuff to reflect the true nature of Black

Friday. You got the “PSFloor”, “Shove Me Elmo”, “X-Boxing 1”, and the

new “iPull Hair”. This day has really gotten out of hand; landing on face

TeaOP: “Racism Is Over”, & The Obstructionists Bitching

The RNC tweeted that “Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and

her role in ending racism”. *John sadly puts his big face into his hands*

(oh goody!)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh for shits sake. Then they went on to do what all the

bigoted morons in life do. Not really apologize, but dig that hole ‘deeper’

The tweet: “Previous tweet should have read “today we remember Rosa

Parks’ bold stand and her role in fighting to end racism”. They probably

should have lead with that one, four hours earlier. So all that nice “Voter

Outreach” is going swell. Guess it’s hard to accept racism when it ‘ended’

To say the “modern Republican party” has went off the rails is one thing;

(oh for shits sake)

BUT, the lack of being accountable for their own historic obstructionism,

has now hit epic levels. It seems that FOX news “Charles Krauthammer”

did not really think his insane opinion views though when boldly stating,

“This is a fundamental change in the structure and rules of the Senate, and
done on strict party lines, which it should not be………………..The other part
of it, as a conservative: I am extremely happy that the Democrats are doing
this. The prospects are very strong, Democrats are going to lose the Senate
next year, and there is an excellent chance of  losing the White House. The
Democrats will absolutely rue the day, cause not only are they going to allow
a Republican majority which will come one day anyway, to get its nominees
through, but “Grassley” has said, that when Republicans come into power,
they’re going to include Supreme Court nominees. It would be a devastating
blow to the liberals on the court, and to the liberals in the country. So, I don’t
think Democrats will remember this day with any joy in the near future…”

Forget demographically that the Republican’s can never win any national

election again in the next 50 years until they become way more ‘moderate’

The ‘only’ seats they can win are all the rural gerrymandered 1’s; that they

already have. See, when you keep screaming “So fuck off Latino’s, women,

(file photo of Chuck)

mexican’s, minorities, immigrants, blacks, gays, & anyone not older/white”

It sort of “limits” their voter base. Poor Chuck must think that with Obama

that 50% of every nominee filibustered in US History in only 5 years is now

“normal”. Also let’s not forget of the 23 district court nominee’s filibustered

in our US history, 20 were under Obama. And senate Republican’s said then

they would only use the nominee filibuster in, “extraordinary circumstance”

Sadly racism isn’t over, and it seems since 2008…it simply got, “Amped Up”

Tomorrow: Alec Baldwin Booted

Have a day!

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