It seems the current TeaOP/Republican party has a permanent address

located somewhere in Bizarro World. Rush, & the other talking heads of

(All are welcome)

the “right wing hate machine” are now going after the Pope. So wow, for

what?!?! Well Pope Francis said that “unfettered Capitalism” is an issue

that has created a “new tyranny”. It was in his new “Evangelii Gaudium”

The main jist of the entire document is this: “shrugging your shoulders

at the poor of society isn’t morally acceptable”. He is not talking about

free welfare. Ohhhh no, he’s pointing out “Capitalism works best when

it is properly regulated”. Naturally, “Todays Right” doesn’t understand

nuance, economic reality, ‘societies structure’, or our “Social Contract”


If you speak in favor for a more fair, just, or rational society, expect to

draw the fire from “absolutists”, black & white, all or nothings. It is all

they can mentally manage. So Rush, and all FOX Noise , are right now

screaming, “The Pope’s a Marxist”. He said nothing shocking. The shit

he said is in the bible, Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, & literally any

where “historically sane people had spoken”. It also has one Karl Marx

rolling in grave saying, “You right wing morons don’t even know what

I wrote”. See, anything that is not A(pure unfettered Capitalism) must

be B,C,D,or E(Socialism, Communism, Maoism, or Muslimism). They

don’t understand what words or definitions are. They are like children


screaming “Either I always get A, or the rest is evil!”. Naturally, THEY

& their ultra wealthy friends benefit BEST by having A in place. They

don’t want the gravy train to come into station; & they are proving the

Pope right. Yet in the process, as usual, losing WAY more voters again

As an atheist, I’m just a viewer. But I was a life long Catholic, so let us

just say I know whats what in the religion of it all. Meh…….that “Voter

Outreach” is literally slapping every extended hand, & spitting in most

The key element I see today in the TeaOP politicians, pundits, & talking

heads is all one common theme: they think this is all a game. They think

when you don’t accept that real people are really suffering, it’s easier to

(It’s all they got left)

make it all a game. But our voting population are PISSED OFF, & this is

not a game. Only mentally detached sociopaths, can think a “game” that

takes food out of poor peoples mouths, cuts benefits to seniors, guts our

research, and finally robs all our already failing public education is ‘fun’

That person & that general ideology in a modern society is “very” fucked

up. But when they cut those services why do they do it? Oh, so the top 3%

can get more in tax breaks, and to “shrink government” until as Norquist

famously said, “We can drown it in a bathtub”. THAT’S the goal. THAT’S

the fucking “game” here. Tell the most needy who have been royally shit

on in society to bend over to take another anus pounding. Um, NO. Not

anymore. Not again. Before, the modern Republican party (1956-2013)


got away with this insane bullshit. They simply lied, ignored facts, & all

pretended “Trickle Down” economics worked. It didn’t, and it never will

But they would basically use bold faced lies, racism, and ignorance all to

their advantage. They won on “Fluff”, or “Distraction”, or “Demonizing”

Well bad news. The internet, Facebook, & all social media hold “FACTS”

And no matter how charming you are, 2+2 doesn’t = 7. But ohhh they try

It isn’t “my facts vs your facts”. It’s “facts vs utter bullshit”. When you’re

not a partisan douchefuck, facts both “help or hurt” your views; & so be it

But you have a party who ignores all “facts and reality” at every turn now

We can’t ever have a rational conversation. I accept gravity exists, & they

shout, “No it DOESN’T! Only libtards think that is true. The government

made up gravity. Gravity is a false flag!!!”. When that’s the counter view,

we have nowhere to really go from there. And ya get what we have today

Tomorrow: Baldwin’s Blowup Gone At MSNBC, & Tom Brower A-Hole

Have a day!

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