FOX news isn’t “news”, & it isn’t “reality”. It’s a delusional acid trip

for ‘clinically insane nutters’ trying to pretend what is said on their

(baby Jesus is older)

channel is magically somehow ‘true’. It’s not. None of it is, but they

make older nutters searching for the 1950’s again feel like its back

Welllllll, as usual, Bill O’Really thinks there is a “War On X-mas!”,

like he does, e-v-e-r-y year. There isn’t ever a “War On Christmas”

If it were we wouldn’t ALL be shopping, decorating, & spewing so

much holiday cheer it’s coming out all our own assholes. We have

now landed on “Crazy Island”, where people on TV want no actual

substance or facts anymore, so they are making up the “News” for

fun. To be inclusive of all religion is like toxic poison to tiny minds

(Psssst, they’re blackish)

It’s back to the idea of a game. The idea, “I must dominate or I will

be dominated”. No you loony partisan assholes. The world doesn’t

THINK like you “Losers” do. Most human beings, do NOT need to

dominate. They just simply want to LIVE, free, and not be abused

by older white people(I’m white & you give us a shitty name) who

are screaming, “If I can’t discriminate against YOU, you’re taking

away MY freedoms”. Ah no. Discrimination isn’t a freedom. It’s a

sickness that society is purging day by day. If you don’t like it, feel

free to head to Somalia, a Libertarian paradise. Where you’re free

(“It’s genius!”)

to abuse & discriminate against all others in society. But, they will

be heavily armed since there’s no gumberment. Good luck folks!!!

Arrrrrrrrrrec Barrwin

For any Team America fans out there, you get the reference I take

it. Alec decided to use a ‘gay slur’. Classy guy. He’s now competing


for Stephen’s audience. He called this one paparazzi photographer

a “fa**ot”. It was enough to get his show canceled. They all tried to

come to some agreement after maybe changing the shows title to:

“Uptight With Alec Baldwin”. I like his acting, his movies, and his

show wasn’t half bad. He clearly has anger issues, and from a guy

who also fucking has anger issues, I never publicly lash out at the

“peeps”. I get my anger out by playing sports, video games, & even

shouting loud swear words into a “paper bag”. Then sending them

(not anymore)

to school with my daughter to open them all up at lunch! It’s good

times for sure. Meh, the guy has more anger issues than the Hulk

Here’s hoping he’s not your sales boss from Glengarry Glen Ross

Tomorrow: The ACA Is Working, & I Must Sign Up For It

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