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Bob’s Burgers Bitches!

July 12th, 2013

I don’t plug shows here. As any reader, reading my many miss-spellings knows, I just do not. I mock them, or dick with them like a cat does to a (we’re fun) dead mouse. BUT, there’s a cartoon show out there that deserves praise It’s called Rugrats *record scratch*; wait, no I got that wrong. […]

To thoughtfully question government officials in Texas is criminal Sarah Slamen is a new ‘hero’. She stood up to the Texas legislature (new hero) She was direct, specific, & ‘explained’ how certain law makers were now regulating women’s right to abortion access & options but with no medical expertise/direct experience in any of these areas. […]

Rand Paul has a racism problem, just like his father did Seems Rand’s ‘congressional aid’ Jack Hunter has a bad (damn it) racial past being the “Southern Avenger” being a man in “The League Of The South” which demanded “Southern Secession”. Jack is the new media director. Wow, classy He & Randy wrote a book […]

Pat Roberston is nuttier than a squirrel turd as we all know (True) BUT the 83 year old living fossil doesn’t just hate “the gays” He wants to ‘vomit’ when he thinks about them, or see a pic of them together on facebook. In fact……..he had this to say: “To me, I’d punch ‘vomit,’ not […]

Pussy Perry Passes

July 8th, 2013

Rick “Screw Roe v. Wade” Perry won’t run for public office (you’ll never know) as the governor of Texas in 2014. But why? Oh, because he will get his ass KICKED. As the current longest sitting and serving conservative Governor, 60% of Texans didn’t want him running for it again. Ooooooooooooops. I guess being a […]

Happy 4th of July! Unless you’re in Europe, then have a fun Thursday. Make sure not to light any “short wicks”, or you’ll (Steady…) be called “Stubby Fingers” from now on. Rock your 4th, and front load as many hotdogs as your colon can handle. Make sure to not light sticks of dynamite by accident […]

Chalk It Up, Hasty Death

July 3rd, 2013

Could you be arrested for using chalk on the sidewalk?!?! (You lil’ felon) YESSS, so look out little girls in neighborhood, it is hand cuff time. AJ Marin, health care activist, pointed out that PA Gov. Tom Corbett gets health care and some 700,000 people of PA should too. But he was arrested for writing […]

when you are in a deep hole, the old axiom is, to “stop digging” (keep digging) But, if you are disgraced bigot southern gal Paula Deen, the big buttery shovel can never be put down. She is like ‘Champ’ from ‘Anchor Man’ when Brain Fantana says this to him after a rant: “Take it easy, […]

Actor Alec Bladwin has ‘balls’. Very big balls. They’re so big he uses them as a “Hippity Hop” to get around town. So he (“Take pics of my big balls”) was at RIP James Gandolfini’s funeral; when a reporter for the Daily Mail UK suggested that his wife Hilaria(Hilair-ea) was tweeting during the funeral. Forget […]

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