Actor Alec Bladwin has ‘balls’. Very big balls. They’re so big

he uses them as a “Hippity Hop” to get around town. So he

(“Take pics of my big balls”)

was at RIP James Gandolfini’s funeral; when a reporter for

the Daily Mail UK suggested that his wife Hilaria(Hilair-ea)

was tweeting during the funeral. Forget that this isn’t news

& forget his wife’s name is Hilair-ea. But what Alec did next

was “batshitcrazy” slice of heaven. There’s “flipping out” &

there is this wild, odd, sad, weird, ‘homophobic’ gems here:

(classy buddy)

Like I said: big, hairy, veiny balls. But remember, just cause

you got big balls, doesn’t mean you always know how to use

them. Pump your brakes kid, who cares what a gossip news

thing says when you all know what is the truth. They’re just

bottom feeders, & when you stood down to their level, they

will beat you with years of experience just being down there

Egypt Tells Mohammed Morsi To “Get Bent”

It turns out in Egypt, rational citizens who want a real good

(they have a voice)

government don’t want the Muslim Brotherhood anywhere

near it. Good for them, they are openly protesting his ouster

My feeling is they will get it. They have numbers, the power

and the will. The “military” said they have until Wednesday

And you think your “deadlines” are too stressful and rough

Freedom tries to win out in situations like this, & I support

(the new faces of freedom)

the people demanding a more democratic, & less oppressive

government. Stay strong you crazy cats, & fight with power

I’d like to give a shout out to 3 of the nicest “Scotsmen” and

Norwegian’s I know. Sonja & I meet them at the Park Grille

in Chicago. Fun conversation and drinks, with great people

Have a day!

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