Chalk It Up, Hasty Death

July 3rd, 2013

Could you be arrested for using chalk on the sidewalk?!?!

(You lil’ felon)

YESSS, so look out little girls in neighborhood, it is hand

cuff time. AJ Marin, health care activist, pointed out that

PA Gov. Tom Corbett gets health care and some 700,000

people of PA should too. But he was arrested for writing a

“derogatory remark” in chalk. But, what was the remark?

“Governor Corbett has health insurance & we should too”

(how DARE you!)

In fairness, sidewalk chalk is a gateway drug. Pretty soon

you’re strung out spray painting bridges, & ‘garage doors’

with wild exotic art. Eventually doin a big ass community

mural of “things in the neighborhood” for a sense of pride

This is a 1st amendment issue, period. This is pretty clear

shit. The bottom line here is Corbett’s playing to his rabid

(this is OK)

right wing base….at the expense of 700,000 needy people

It will come back to bite him in his fat, goofy, hateful, ass

The Odd Death Of A Journalist

Michael Hastings died in a firey car crash three weeks ago

(good reporter)

You might remember him as the “Rolling Stone guy” who

brought down General McChrystal with his scathing piece

called The Runaway General. He was 33 years old, & died

at 4:30am. Now, full disclosure, I do not believe in any of

the Conspiracy Theories. Proof is what I require. Yet, after

the events here, that he was doing all stories hurtful to the

Government covering the NSA journalist wiretapping stuff

(RIP buddy)

And Hastings firing directly on AG Eric Holder for his job

The former Clinton and W. Bush counter terrorism expert

Richard Clarke explained that the CIA/FBI can “Remotely

seize control of a car” today using OnStar/remote hacking

He had a modern Mercedes S-Class. His body was ‘burnt’,

AND he wasn’t under any influence of drugs/booze. There

is no evidence of murder here; but many questions remain

Have a day!

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