Pat Roberston is nuttier than a squirrel turd as we all know


BUT the 83 year old living fossil doesn’t just hate “the gays”

He wants to ‘vomit’ when he thinks about them, or see a pic

of them together on facebook. In fact……..he had this to say:

“To me, I’d punch ‘vomit,’ not ‘like,’ (laughing) They don’t give
you that option, but yes, if you ‘like’ it, you are condoning it.”

That’s so nice Pat. Maybe for the gay people just tryin’ to live

their fucking lives, Pat makes ’em embarrassed to be human

(too late)

Poor Pat will reap what he sows when he dies, & that is now

coming very soon by all the partial stroke slurring from him

When he dies, no one will mourn, no one will shed a tear for

him. Mostly cause he spent his life bein a hateful lying fucker

They’re Now “Eating Each Other

Rush Limpballs doesn’t like FOX, he thinks all the “libs” on

there are just “designed to tick you off”. Forget there are no

(“it’s smaller than this”)

“libs” on the shows aside from “moderate” ones in Colmes,

Williams, & Kristian Powers. That’s IT, & they’re very very

mild rolling over to talking points most times. Only rarely

do they argue by presenting things called “facts” against a

loud screaming head not rebutting them, but calling them

names. See, that is a common practice. A policy is brought


up. Both sides state their views. Then, the “lib” injects fact

At this point the conservative does 1 of 3 things: ignores it,

repeats the non-factual point louder, or insults the person

They can never, nor will EVER address the “non-partisan”

fact. That is the main difference. While “Libs” are pussy’s,

It’s a fight between them & reality that they lose each time

Tomorrow: Rand Paul’s ties with major southern racism

Have a day!

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