Holy fuck. Internet racists are getting ballsier. George Zimmerman’s website


Raised more than $200,000 for his defense fund…..indicating that the KKK

Must have had a lot of spaghetti dinner fundraisers. When you go on-line to

The yahoo article here, & were having waaaaaaaaaaay too good a day; just


Take the time to sit back, sip on a large soda, and enjoy the gentle sounds of

Ignorant overt hateful racism from behind a keyboard. Wow, you’d think it’s

1950 instead of 2012. Now are there honest people who feel Zimmerman is

Innocent & just want to give to help him? Fuck no, read the posts. Here’s a

Tiny sampling: “Trayvon Martin=future prison inmate and criminal until his
career was shortened by George Zimmerman”, “I donated 200 bucks. This guy
is a hero”, “Pooo litt’l black neeegro racists are offended”, “This is what happens
when monkeys are given human rights”, “lets wipe out people in our society
that do nothing bu erode it”, “George Zimmerman’s only crime was littering
that night, because he didn’t scoop that cur up after he put it down”, “Time
& time again others have tried to accept and coexist with those black animals,
and time and time again they will turn on you in a heartbeat”, “when are you
black morons going to figure out that you’re the cause of racism in this country?”

(No one will be left)

Wow, classy! That was without even trying just reading the 1st 50. This shit’s

Totally out of hand. I will say this to bigoted racist asshole fucks; if you want

Another civil war, I’m happy to oblige. However it’ll be over quicker this time

We’ve got the people who shot Bin Laden on our side, & you got Ted Nugent

(“I’m an idiot”)

Profiteering on manslaughter because he shot a black kid…..what ugly times

Bachelor Party!

No, not the movie. It’s my buddy’s one tomorrow. We have golf in the morning

If the weather holds. I believe any “sport” where you have to wear goofy assed


Pants, & outfits isn’t really a sport. It’s just an extended “bar game” like pool

Just drawn out a lot larger. It’s a stick, to hit a ball, to get into a hole. Period

I’m hopin for rain, then it’s off to the titty bar for this guy. Got my $1’s ready

Have a weekend!

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