Facebook Flap Fuckup

April 26th, 2012

A 9 year Marine was discharged for bad mouthing Obama on his Facebook page

(job searching)

Always found that word funny, “discharged”. Sounds either like a gun or a puss

Ridden sore. But what could he have possibly said that would warrant discharge?

“Screw Obama and I will not follow all orders from him”. Well, that’ll totally do it

(Tea Party guy? Bingo)

Then Dr. Smarts McBrilliant added: “I’m having a hard time seeing how 15 words

On Facebook could have ruined my nine-year career”. Umm, please correct me if

I’m wrong, but by my count it’s actually 11 words, not 15. You also suck at math

Sergent Gary Stein will get an other-than-honorable discharge & lose most of his


Benefits for violating the policies of his oath he took. What a massive throat boner

Stupid people will scream, “I knew it, Obama’s commie world trumps free speech”

These people are clearly the dumbest people on the planet & you should be able to

Take their $ very easily. The military has had a policy since the Civil War limiting

(Classy FB page!)

The free speech of service members, including criticism of the commander in chief

I guess Sergent Fucknuts Jerkoff missed the memo when he took his Marine oath

He’s just a Tea Party farthut, who lost his job cause he told his boss to “Fuck Off”

Pretty sure no matter what your job is, if you say that to your boss, start packing

Witch Hunt Bitch Hunt/The GOP Ken Starr Dance Part Douche

RNC chairman Reince “No War On Women” Priebus wants to audit Obama’s travel

(He goes by the “Prieb’s”)

Translation: I’m a hateful prick claiming you’re wasting tax $’ers when it’s really me

With this witch hunt just to hurt you. So if anything sticks it helps our guy a little bit

Reince: “On behalf of American taxpayers, I’m writing to call your attention to a case

is Gary Sinise

Of misuse of government funds”. Yes, “American taxpayers” AKA older white GOP’ers

Who are pissed Obama got elected. Their anger’ll get worse when he’s re-elected

He thinks Obama is labeling “political” trips as “official” trips. Political one’s get paid

By the DNC, where as “official” one’s always get picked up by all of us, the taxpayers

(He loved McCain)

What proof does Reince have of this abuse? N-o-n-e. He’s got a lot of “hunches” on it

The modern Republican party doesn’t have facts, policy, or reality. They got opinions

Vibes, theories, intuition, clues, suspicion, mistrust, unease, qualm, or impressions

Can the government abuse spending? Hell yes! But is that what he is getting at here?

Nope. It’s the idea that “Obama isn’t one of us”, and “he’s abusively spending your $”

(Colbert/Priebus 2016)

That’s really the problem at it’s core. Reince thinks it’s your $, when it’s really our $

You either accept we are all in this United States together, or you don’t. He does not

Can’t blame Reince, they have no fucking candidate to run so they figure “Shit, let’s

Just all attack Obama together lowering him to our level…….otherwise we are toast”

I have never seen the Republican party this bad, where even Reagan is a “commie”

Have a day!

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