Move over Timothy McVeigh, now this Norway guy has stolen the spot light

The hits keep coming with Anders Breivik. He spared lives of those that he

(Duchovny as a sociopath)

Thought “looked right-wing”. While targeting those who “had a leftist look”

Wait, what? What’s a “Leftist look”? For that matter, what’s a “right wing”

Look? Maybe we should all just wear uniforms to make it simpler for people

(Too restrictive)

Like Anders to tell the difference. Let’s just say something like “All Leftists”

Will wear shitty clothes, colored hair, & never shower. While “Right wing”

Folks will all dress in a suit. Oh wait, they might get confused with all those

(Too formal)

“Leftist” bankers, lawyers, or financial workers. *Snaps fingers* Oh, I got it

“Right Wing” people will wear these matching sharp looking uniforms, with

Some cool tall shiny black boots. Oh, let’s also give em nice lil’ hats to wear

(Hey, there you go)

Anders also directly targeted “Marxists” with his rifle & pistol, while passing

Over one young man he thought looked “conservative”, so he spared his life

Here is the biggest problem for me. I never like to lump the actions of one

Lone nutjob with the collective of any other movement, because it’s some

(Made my own hate uniform)

Thing I logically don’t agree with at the core. However, here, I’m willing to

Give it a lot stronger look than normally. “Why”, you ask? Well, cause when

A lone gunman or idiot kills in a spree, it’s all nonsense, or a 25,000 word

Manifesto of batshitcrazyinsanity levels bastardizing the intent of an entire

Religion to suit their warped world views you wouldn’t wipe your ass with

(Not sorry at all)

But this is different. He’s declared sane, & his views are those of a Christian

Nationalist Extremist. It’s far past chilling for me. In specific words he clearly

States his views on how society should be, & the role of those groups within it

They are directly lined up with today’s conservative TP in the GOP. The main

(Yes Mr. Moron)

Difference here is that douche used violent force with a gun to act on all of it

It sadly matches those of Beck, Rush, GOP, FOX, & Tea Party activists in tone

He’s clearly gets all their views, but made them extreme when force was applied

This man could’ve even run on the fucking GOP ticket this year & maybe still

Be in the race. Wait, no. He’d have to take time off the campaign to stand trial

(Blues brothers)

Listen to the direct words of this man, then listen to the policy of today’s GOP

It’s xenophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-multicultural, anti-women, & anti-Islam

He’s a cultural conservative right wing populist White Nationalist Islamophobe

He sites many conservative voices as inspiration: Pamela Gellar, Pat Buchanan,

Robert Spencer, Melanie Phillips, & the English Defence League. It should also

Be noted that Pamela Geller wanted an alliance between the Tea Party & EDL

(Yes, a birther)

She’s also, get this, a “birther”. Wow, what a fucking shock. And the final nail in

The bigot coffin? Anders sought to start a new Tea Party movement in Norway

With; but they passed when he did not have the promised contacts

I’m not saying today’s GOP Tea Party types want to kill people or are like him

No, not at all. If anything I’m issuing a cautionary tale to the farthest right in it

(File photo)

I’m holding up a mirror saying, “This is pretty much what your views look like

If the temperature was raised a little & you decided to act on it using guns”. I’m

Saying “he’s no different than any Islamic terrorist you claim to hate”, & it’s sad

Holy Shit, Springfield Is In Oregon?

The Simpson’s famous location has been disclosed, it’s located in Oregon. Wow

Psssssh, it will always be Springfield Illinois to me, even thought I know it’s not


It’s like trying to rename the Sears Tower the Willis Tower. Good luck, everyone

Already thinks of it as X, so it’ll be hard to tell them to say it’s now Y. But do it

Have a day!

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