The “Bloody Back Head”

April 20th, 2012

Turns out there IS photographic evidence that Zimmerman’s head was

Cut up from the concrete. Those finally releasing it, about fucking time

(Oh shit FOX)

They could’ve helped a public from jumping to conclusions, or better

Yet, answer the basic question of “Why are there no pics of his wounds?”

Now, there better also be one of a broken nose, or somebody’s lying

This does help support Zimmerman’s account of the night…however…

(Let’s all speculate!)

After seeing all the evidence, the prosecution still thinks they got a case

Here is the photo. Warning: it’s got blood coming down the back of his

Head, so if you’re squeamish, eat a hearty meal then look directly at it

The truth will out. It always does. Any rush to judgment is always silly

(His nose never looked bad)

But there are so many things about this entire night that don’t add up

He finally said “I’m sorry for the loss of your son” to the parents. Why?

Cause he’s in cuffs and charged. If he did nothing wrong as he claims

(Sad day)

He would not have waited until now. But when the shit is hitting the fan,

Sacred people’s tune changes to try & paint yourself in a positive light

Moving forward. It’s all so sad & could’ve been avoided. But it wasn’t

Why Taco Bell Loves People Who Get Really High

Have you ever had Taco Bell sober? No? I thought so, because their

Food sucks donkey balls. But when you’re high or drunk everything

(Nice parking job)

Tastes great. A shoe covered with turned mayo is heavenly joy that

You quickly scarf down. Hell flash fry a baby, you’d eat that as well

For shits sake, they had a tiny talking dog as their spokes animal

(I get 500 channels)

All their drive-thru employees must be able to fluently speak “Drunk”

And “Stoned” at all times in order to even hold that position at work

Have a weekend!

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