Zimmerman’s Going Down…

April 12th, 2012

Like a drunk on ice skates. I also had, “like an elevator with it’s cables cut”

“Like a plane that lost it’s wings”, & “like an expensive classy Thai hooker”

(Zimmerman’s floating prom pic)

George was arrested yesterday evening. He is currently in custody, in jail

To all the cops, DA, & their legal justice system in Sanford county I say this…

It’s about fucking time you turds. Now let’s the justice system do it’s work

(Nose looks straight)

His attorney will ask for bail. With his priors, he should be denied, & will

All the evidence will be presented. The sides will posture, the circus music

Strikes up loudly. But in the end, after all the dust settles. The facts will

(Same nose night of)

Speak the loudest. Are there any photo’s of George’s face from that night?

Nope, if there were, you can bet they would’ve come out to defend his side

This does not look like a man who had a broken nose on February 26th

(Prison bitch #27364746)

We also have the funeral director saying he saw no knuckle cuts or bruises

On Trayvon consistent with beating someone…um, that’s game, set, match

Gingrich Is Bouncing Checks Like 20 Kids On A Trampoline

He’s now 4 and half million dollars in debt. He bounced a $400 check to

Be on the Utah ballot. It was his application fee. He has also stiffed tons


Of vendors who didn’t ask for the cash up front. Serves you turds right

Wait, I thought Newt was “for small business”. Oh, he’s for giving them

The business, but never paying them. That’s the Tea Party for you. Sad

(Recent IOU from Newt)

Newt was right, people need to know fiscal responsibility by earning it:

“Most of these schools ought to get rid of the unionized janitors
and pay local students to take care of the school. The kids would
actually do work, they would have cash…begin the process of rising”

Here’s your fucking mop fatty, we want that foyer floor so clean we can

Eat off that son of a bitch. Chop chop now son, you best earn that check

(Grab that mop)

He’ll be out of the race within 2 weeks or maybe sooner. The only main

Difference between Newt & a thief is; thieves are skinny from running

My head exploded today when Newt ripped FOX for a bias against him

It’s like a crooked cop on the take, screaming foul at other crooked cops

Have a day!

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