Loudmouth Gets Launched…

April 4th, 2012

I just must confess, I used to be a Keith Olberman fan at first

He was a much needed rational voice of dissent in an all too


Compliant world letting the corrupt, evil, & assholes rule it all

While it was a good start, he pissed Current TV’s Al Gore. Wait?

Is that even possible? Is a finger wag saying “Tisk tisk” almost

(Out at MSNBC)

Volcanic for Gore? Either way Keith is out at Current TV, and

Less than a year ago he was quickly shoved out from MSNBC

Was he exactly like the lefts version of Rush or Beck? No, not

(It’s whatever $ I say it is)

At all, but it’s almost weird. He kept pushing & selling the hate

He started to be what he mocked. He’s replaced by Elliot Spitzer

Let that sink in for a moment. They like a disgraced former Gov

(Those hoes be trippin)

Who fucked high priced hookers more than you. Wow, did you

shit on Gores desk? No, he started telling everyone off. Not good

Any office of any kind. He even publicly said, “I screwed up”…

(Don’t be a douche)

Good, truth. But then said it’s “because Current didn’t even know

What they’re doing”. Yeeeeeeeesh buddy. If you’re going to take

The blame then do it, don’t kick the turd down the road. You just

(Nice porn stash)

End up with shit on your shoe, & in this case…maybe it’s deserved

Obama Signs Ban On Insider Trading?

Wait, isn’t that already against the law or something? What did Mrs.

Stewart go to jail for again? Oh, insider trading. Oh but this is called

The “Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act”, which says they


Can’t do it in Congress. But wait, isn’t Congress included in the other

Fucking law the rest of us follow? Oh, no. See, they only have to follow

Laws they like, but make loopholes for those they don’t. What a system

And what a waste of something we already all know is bad. You fidiots

Have a day!

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