Oscar The Slouch…

February 27th, 2012

Ever notice the “red carpet” gets rolled out, & then

(Wow, that’s something)

Every one becomes a big catty “gay fasionista bitch”

“Oh, they looked like shit in that”, or “Why weren’t

They wearing clothes?” type stuff. It’s pretty funny…

(Wrong Oscar)

It’d be like me being totally unable to play the piano,

But mocking all the finger work of George Gershwin

The louder the comment, it’s most likely the dumber…

(Example of dumber)

Millionaires giving golden statues to each other is odd

Why not just have 2 hours of people having a $ fight?

(Money fight!)

Just sayin’…

Walker Wisconsin Stranger

Wisconsin governor Scott “Suck It All Teachers” Walker

(Puppet Recall)

Is up for recall later this year. He will be bounced on his

Union busting ass. His office won’t contest the well over

1 million signatures they collected. A spokesperson said:

(The artwork is subpar)

“We have essentially been given an impossible deadline”

Well they originally had 10 days to contest them at first

Then they filled for & got an additional 20 days, 30 in all

(The signatures are this, really?)

Now they only have went through 400,000 so far saying:

10 to 20% were erroneous with fake addresses and names

Including Donald Duck’s. Um, which is it 10 or 20%? It’s

(I smell bullshit)

A fucking BIG difference between the two no? If a judge

Says you’re getting 10 years, or 20 years, it makes a big

Fucking difference. That is because they’re lying badly

(Or Fibber McGee)

Like most every Republican today does. They make up

Stats, lie habitually, & say these insane crazy things often

They won’t contest the names because they can’t. Period

(Can’t beat Lane Meyer)

Walker will be recalled because when any governors new

Bad policy is to demonize firemen, cops, teachers, & unions

You’re spitting in the face of the core of our country there…

The 1% only have 1% of the votes turd holes. Not a winning #

Have a day!

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