Three Words You Don’t Hear…

February 21st, 2012

“Newt Gingrich Thinks”. From his stupid comments, it’s not often…

(He’s warped)

Well, he thinksĀ  Obama’s “the most dangerous president in modern

American history”. Oh, I see. Captain fart ass then blurted out this:

(He’s a “more”, man-whore)

“Defeating Barack Obama becomes…a duty of national security…

Because the fact is, he is incapable of defending the United States”

Holy fuck balls. I think Newt already mentally moved to the moon

(Ah yes)

The guy ordered Bin Laden killed, he & our amazing special forces

Have capped/taken out a ton of Al Qaeda top leadership. He ended

Iraq. He got healthcare for others. He’s bringing back the economy

(Suck it potato head)

These GOP candidates are the most ignorant & dangerous in years

But what else is new. They’re all but handing the election to Obama

And couldn’t happen to bigger group of lying massive ass bags ever

Peanuts Chew Up Your Anus

It’s a fact. Eat a bunch of dry roasted peanuts, drink some whiskey

(Weapon of choice)

And wait 17 hours. You one eyed brown cave will be blood weeping

It’s like kidney stones for you asshole. How you’ll wish you had a

(Oh shit, wait don’t)

Time machine to go back & never eat them. But you don’t, so now

Your ass will repay you for your stupid choices. And it’ll hurt bad

Have a day!

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