Grammy “Lip-Stinking”

February 13th, 2012

Look, if you’re a singer, but want to “lip-sync”, fair enough

(Check out my door stoppers)

But if you’re at the awards show for singers, fucking sing

The Boss sang, the Foo Fighters sang, Rihanna didn’t sing

(Best part of the night!)

It isn’t the worst crime ever, but it does speak to your skills

It makes me think you must do this a lot for your concerts

(“Gonna beat my lady with this”)

And that’s really really really really fucking bad if that’s true

Last I checked, you couldn’t give a Grammy away to a dude

(“Is this a 3-way? Tremendous!”)

To quote the Simpson’s: Homer’s Grammy falls of the ledge

And hits a guy below who says, “Don’t throw your trash here”

Bitch McConnell

Turns out Republicans still hate Obama now more than ever


You see, an old classic from 2009 never fades. It’s gets better

Oh, Mitch “the bitch” thinks Obama’s 2013 budget won’t pass

Even though he hasn’t even seen it yet. The party of “Nope” is

(…this tall to be elected)

Now the party of “Hell no, never ever never no”. And everyone

In America took note. Republican’s couldn’t get elected in 2012

They have no platform. “Fuck Obama” isn’t a solution, it’s hate


We have big problems that are being solved by real people. The

GOP isn’t them, and come this November, they’ll be out of a job

Hating everything Obama, & only protecting the top 3% wealthy

(Cough it up bitch)

At the expense of everyone else isn’t an electable policy platform

The GOP has just “Whitney Houston’d” themselves, & it’s so sad

Have a day!

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