Obama wants a payroll tax cut. For both workers & employers

(Hey, get it done!)

It would greatly help both of em. But he wants it to be paid for

By taxing millionaires. Naturally, the Tan Man & the GOP said:

(Ummpa Loompa assclown)

Give up on a tax hike on millionaires to pay for this extension”

Let’s put this through the BS3000 Bullshit Meter. Translation:

“Go fuck yourself! We only protect the rich, while sticking it to

(Oh shit)

The poor and middle class at every turn possible. Hey, it’s fun”

How do the fucking jackholes ever get elected? By stupid people

Very very very fucking stupid people. Who make me weep for


Our future. Good news is you’re all suckers very easy to bilk

Incredible Republican “Gets It”

Republican Maureen Walsh represents the 16th district in WA.

House of Representatives in Walla Walla; so nice ya say it twice


This women went to the floor and delivered this amazing speech

What made it amazing is her honesty, & great ability to see love

Her daughter is gay, so she understands. Now all we need to do

(True, it didn’t work for him)

It give a gay child to every Republican so they understand it all

The gay marriage debate was lost long ago by hateful small people

It’s simply up to the “Rest of Society” AKA “The Hateful Morons”

(Dumb fucking parents)

To accept that stark reality, & realize it openly. They will in time

One side seeks the equal opportunity to share love. And on the

Other, is fearful tiny people filled with hate trying to deny love

(Yes, like them)

The fight was over before it started. They’ll realize it…someday

New Fad Instead Of “Tebowing”

It’s new, it’s hot, it’s cooler than an ice burg. It’s called “Bradying”


It’s taking the nation by storm. Actually by napping, or slouching

Have a day!

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