Superblow Schmuperbowl

February 6th, 2012

Or as Superbowl 46 was retitled, “Check Out My Commercials”

(“Life moves pretty fast”)

There were way more ads than any clip on Hulu hammers at you

Best ad I saw was this vampire one for Audi. Funny, solid, & cool

(Edward, is that you?)

Madonna doesn’t have it anymore. She’s only got gimmicky gum

All I remember is her singing w/LMAFO, Nikki Minaj, and Cee-lo

(Golden goldy gold)

Her “material” just ran out, w/more tricks than a magic shop &

Zero substance. Until the end with the big World Peace graphic

Fuck lady, ur production budget alone could’ve fed 500,000 kids

(You won the Super Model)

Don’t fucking pretend to have substance, actually have substance

As far as the big game went, just remember, “Safety first”. Yes, the

Pats had such a bad safety on Brady’s big time bone-headed play


G-men won the game 21-17, all’s right in the world. To all the Pats

And all their fans I happily say this gem: suck it Billy Ball-a-check

Tim Tebow Says About Politics “It Could Be Something In My Future”

Hey buddy, first try the forward pass then we’ll talk. It will keep

You damn busy looking at your shitty mechanics there ace hole

(Stop “Tebowing” for shit sake)

When pressed he said, “It’s something I’ll have to think about &

definitely pray about. I have no idea right now, but yeah, possibly”

(I forgive you)

Timmy, god isn’t gonna tell you. But a Denver Super PAC might

Either way, work on football. You know, the thing you’re paid for

Have a day!

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