It’s Black History Month…

February 3rd, 2012

Or as most Republican’s call it, “Leap Year”. Hissssssssssssssssssss

(The lonely honkey)

Republican’s are going down faster than than a fat girl on ice skates

And it’s all self inflicted crap. Like Mitt’s really wealthy & out of touch

(Rupal is the “sane” one?)

Newt is just a big bigoted bag of dicks. Frothy’s a gay basher asshole

And at least Ron Paul has stood consistent with his all his principals

(Ah yes)

But a lot are fucked up & wacky one’s like ending the CIA, IRS, etc.

If this is the best your party has to offer, don’t expect many RSVP’s


Wait, that’s wrong. Meh, no matter. Halftime is sponsored by Milk

(Super Bowl Nip Tip)

Giants against the Patriots. Who will win? I want the G-men FTW

Any NFL jersey you wear must be nacho cheese proof on this day

(Oh, Indy it is)

Hint: Jersey Shore isn’t. It’s cheesier than a Kraft Velveeta factory

The reason people watch it: ads, & maybe Madonna will shark us

Have a weekend!

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