Over the weekend Dora The Explorer was arrested in Arizona for looking “Mexican”…

dora-aressted.jpg(Lo que el jode sucediĆ³?)

Oh yeah, and most of our family went to West Point Military Academy to watch my nephew Philip graduate, and watch my oldest brother Daniel get promoted to Lieutenant General(3rd star). Here’s a couple few things I learned while there…

ambrose-e-burnside.jpg(10 cadets lived in his beard)

-West Point’s landscape tries to kill anyone over 50 walking around
-It’s the military. You must get to places way ahead of time before something starts, then wait. Wait some more. Wait. Wait. Stand-up, mill around, and wait. Then when it happens, everything is over is 2 minutes. It’s kind of like sex for anyone over 40
-Miss USA knows where to go. To a place with 40,000 horny cadets
-Barrack Obama gives good speech, and shook more hands than a glove fitter
-Women who wear high heels around the death trap hills/cobble stone there should get a fucking medal of honor for almost snapping their ankles or dying daily
-People there love guns to much, they’re hoping someone invents the “mouth gun” soon. It should sit right under your tongue always being at the ready when you talk
-My dad liked to occasionally flip me off for fun. But only out of love
-Phils roommate and friend summed up his time in Australia pretty well. It goes a little like this: “They try so hard to be American, but end up slightly screwing it up”

It was West Point Break

point-break-masks.jpg(Presidents stealing presidents)

More statues and references to past presidents than all the criminals in Point Break

Lord Stanley’s Cup

The Chicago Blackhawks are now in the cup finals for the 1st time since 1992…

When mullets were all the rage…

stanley-cup-lick.jpg(I wish I were the cup)

We sure could use a nice silver cup to drink the tears of the losers in…

Just sayin’…

I Hate It When…

The title of the show describes my entire viewing experience

I guess I’m just totally…Lost…

fat-guy-hurley-from-lost.jpg(What cha gonna do?)

We figured out what we already knew. Women get moist with Matthew Fox, stoners love the Fat Guy above, Jeff Fahey should trim that fucking creepy mop of his, and Locke is bad, then good, then badish good, then really evil, then good…

Have a day!

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