Palin, Beck, & iphones?

May 13th, 2010

Our lovable mouth farter was in Chicago at the Rosemont Theater. Why? Oh, because she’s entertainment silly. Heck, you don’t want her to explain specific facts or address issues. You want jingoistic platitudes. Lies. It’s “Folksy charm”…

With zero substance right?

palin-in-front-of-huge-flag.jpg(I think I’m George Patton with tits!)

You want Sarah Palin. After a Highland Park School cancelled a trip to Arizona for the girls basketball because of opposition to the state’s controversial new immigration law Sarah quiped, “Keeping the girls basketball team off the court for political reasons? Those are fighting words”. Um, no Dr. Douche bag, creating TWO unconstitutional laws in Arizona against Mexican Americans are…

Her goal seems to be the dumb white trash low information Oprah

Reality says she’s a second banana Sean Hannity…

sarah-palin-at-podum-hands-out.jpg(Give me $ stupid)

Ticket prices for the 4,400 seats ranged from $54 to $297

Wow, a dumbass and his $ are easily parted…

Have you ever heard a classmate lift their leg in a desk chair and fart?

Then you’ve heard Palin…

Beck Get’s Blacked

Speaking of dopey, lying, assclowns. Lewis Black said Beck has “Nazi Tourettes”

lewis-black.png(Suck it Becko)

Then Black goes on to say this about Beck, “This is a guy that uses more swastika props and video of the Nuremberg rallies than the History Channel! For God’s sake!”

Another “Stolen” iphone?!?!

They’ve got more leaks they can’t stop than a BP oil rig! Too soon?

ipanzor.png(The new iTank)

No, not too soon. They’ve got more leaks than pumbling installed by a blind guy

Have a day!

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