Super Healthcare Deathmatch!

February 26th, 2010

Let’s give you a run down on yesterdays events:

capta8637455830c4251998d6f461c289bfbobama_health_care_overhaul_dcsa132.jpg(We can do it, people are good)

Obama: Sincere complementary remarks to all/GOP sighting the “jobs bill” passage as reason for hope, asking this to be a constructive discussion about all places where we agree in healthcare reform, not be political theater solely to score points

Lamar Alexander: Uses his opening remarks including an auto show car example about scrapping all the bills & totally starting over to solely score political points

capt9078461dbbb4466eaa3468178d2aa140obama_health_care_overhaul_dcsa131.jpg(Nope, they don’t care. Not one bit)

*Puts face in hands*

Should’ve known better. This is like watching a parent looking skyward as their child is running around the kitchen knocking everything over holding a lit torch…

bad-kid-fire.jpg(Suck it professor Obama!)

It will pass. They’ll even add in more Republican ideas in Reconciliation…

Coverage tomorrow so tune in…

Have a day!

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