What “Not To Do”…

November 27th, 2009

At the thanksgiving dinner table…

thanksgiving-dinner-funny.jpg(Best family ever)

1) Lick the rim of every dish or glass, cough, then say, “Sorry, H1N1″…
2) Point to the oldest person & say, “How long you got left? Minutes? Hours?”
3) Wear sweatpants with the ass cheeks cut out while eating
4) Tap your glass, clear your throat, & say, “Have you thought about a time share?”
5) Cry uncontrollably after a bite. Say, “Noble turkey. I eat you b/c I respect you
6) Ask the host where they keep their vomitorium

old-people-thanksgiving.jpg(Response you’ll get after saying #2)

Happy Belated Turkey Day!!! Hope you gobbled your balls off!

Why They Got To Call It Black Friday?

Seems Discriminatory. Why not Mexican Friday? Indian Friday? Or Irish Friday?

jcpenny-lines.jpg(JcPnney isn’t as good as Cdonalds)

Well because then it’d be all about burritos, casino’s, and booze…

And we already have that; it’s called Cinco De Mayo in Vegas

Black sounds better. It’s in the books. African American Friday sounds douchey…

best-buy-lines.jpg(“Better Than Best Buy” is nextdoor)

Here’s to trampling others to death in search of the “great white whale sale”…

It’s America baby…

Have a day!

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