Spiking Again, 8 Days & VOTE!

October 26th, 2020

Cases are All Spiking yet again & Trump/

All Republicans won’t do a Fucking Thing

(Bye Bye)

about it. Nothing. In Fact, no Aid/Relief,

no Pandemic Solutions but they do want

to RAM Thru A Supreme Court Pick fast

This will hunt them & signals the end of

their party, forever. No going back after

that. There are 8 Days to vote still, turn

out like NEVER Before. The numbers are

historic Already, Make them Explode So

much higher. Being up big in polls won’t

(Deserve it)

matter. Act as if we’re 10 points down to

make it a blow out. Make it hurt Nov 3rd

NOTE: Cuomo Factually Obliterates tRump/Republicans
Utter Bullshit, That We Can’t Do Anything To Control, IT
No, no, no, no, no. If we had Mandatory Masks It Works

Have a “Safe” Day!

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