10.2-15%+ & Death Of A Party…

October 10th, 2020

Sorry my cool people, had a charity golf

Outing ‘Yesterday’. The “entire” Country


Is Done, With tRump/Republicans. Over

3/4’ers Of Our Nation, HATE Them Both

for their Immoral Do Nothing Stance on

the Pandemic just letting People die, on

not giving a shit About Sufferin’ citizens

with no economic aid & actively support

all these Racist domestic terrorist White

supremacists. It is a Recipe for electoral

evisceration. Only matters if we all VOTE

(They always were)

And, let’s Act Like We’re 12 points down

not 12 points up. Run it up, make it hurt

NOTE: Lindsey Graham Went Full On Racist Ass
And It’s ‘Crippling’ his Re-elections Chances. Ha!

Have a “safe” weekend!


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