Trump Kills Aid & VP Debate…

October 6th, 2020

While our Nation Suffers From A Pandemic,

social unrest & financial turmoil; an orange

(<-Sit Down!)

asshole just pours more gas on A fire. The

Problem For Him, & ALL Republican’s Right

now, is the nations firehose comin on Nov

3rd, Putting them ALL Out. He just tried to

“kill” any new badly needed “aid” from this

Congress. Well, HE Isn’t in Charge Here, &

Congress Could “Easily” Pass It While Over

riding His Veto. But Republicans don’t Ever

want That. Hold Them ALL Accountable For

this Evil. And Tonight, we will witness what

(<-Mega Fail!)

a real leader looks like in Kamala VS a “Yes

Man Shell” Actively Working to Destroy this

Country For An Orange Sociopath. This Will

get ugly for Pence. He won’t be able to ever

answer for Doing nothin’ to help Our Nation

Stick to His Policy Failures & he’s SO fucked

NOTE: Right Now, Several Polls Among Seniors Are
Obliterating tRump. In Fact, he’s Down so far Right
Now, This Defeat Will be Historic. Only, If We VOTE
RIP: Eddie Van Halen Just Died at 65 due to Cancer

Have a “safe” day!


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