It seems these Days every Republican who ever

works In the West Wing or went to the SCOTUS

(<-Maskless Morons)

SuperSpreader Event has it now. Even the dope

lying fraud at the Press podium every day has It

And As 215,000 American’s are Dead from This

horrible Disease, Trump is Playing ‘More Games’

daily with his case of it. As he rage tweets in all

Caps, Puts Secret Service Drivers In Peril & lies

about the Severity of His COVID The World just

burns. Well, It’s Not Working. And he is headed

For A Historic Electoral Beat-Down. Biden, is Up

8.2% & CLIMBING. Keep In Mind, These Are All


aggregated Polls, meaning it’s likely way higher

None of it Matters Unless We ALL VOTE!!!! Turn

out like never before & in 29 days we will be rid

of the most immoral racist pile of shit in History

NOTE: No One Believes Anything, Coming Out Of The White
House. Well, NO SHIT! 69% Say They ‘Don’t Trust Him’ and
Only 12% Do. Or His “Base”. He Is ‘Losing’ & Will Go To Jail

Have a “safe” day!


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