While the US deals with COVID still because

Republican’s/tRump Do Nothing, & We Have

(Let us die)

the 1st openly racist President calling for his

racists Followers To “Stand By”. Pretty Clear

shit There. Across the Pond, their Version of

tRump is Shitting the Bed so badly it’s just a

Brown Floating Turd. The EU Will now Likely

sue the UK if They ‘Break’ International Law

tryin’ to “get out” of their own failed deal. It

is the Height of Stupid in what They did & so

They Are Trying To “Undo” It. NO. You Made


you’re bed of Crap, now lie in it. Speakin of

Wallowing In What You Made, Biden is Now

Expanding His Lead. In fact, early Voting Is

exploding At Historic Levels, Meaning these

Republican Frauds are all Getting Voted out

NOTE: House, Passes 2.2$ Trillion Dollar COVID Bill
If the Senate “Rejects” It, they will Lose, Even More
Republicans are Already Under Water. They Lose So
Much More. And That’s just fine With me. End game

Have a “safe” day!


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