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William Barr is doing his best to End up Behind Bars very soon. He will Join a LOT of other bad (<-Fucked) Trumpers. Forget Rudy G’s In trouble. And also forget what he did with Mueller, Stone & Is still doing Using the DOJ as A Partisan Political tool It’s illegal, It’s unconstitutional & will […]

Jim Crying, Dis-Barred & Done…

February 12th, 2020

GOP Republican Trump Boot Lickkker, Jim Jordan’s in DEEP legal Trouble folks. And I (“Let’s get rapey”) mean JAIL DEEP Trouble stuff. He Oversaw & ALLOWED The Sexual Abuse, Of The OSU wrestlin’ team. It got so “bad’ the former C (that captain) stated Jim Called Him up and was “crying” & “grovelin’” beggin’ him […]

Larry David has not only “found” the PERFECT way to skewer the MAGA crowd; he owns now (“Fuck off!”) publicly Destroyed their sick shit forever. Talk about flipping the Script, he Crushed them All with One Sketch & One Response. A Mic drop And While their Days Circling the Drain are all about to go […]

Vindman Fired, Blowback & More…

February 10th, 2020

As the Orange Anus Spews his Hate and the world Recoils In Shame; the rest of us all go (We Know) about our days with a sense of purpose. And as he keeps Breaking the law, and ruining all things he Touches; People Are Pushing Back very Hard Right Now. Chucky Schumer, Just Requested, That […]

As Orange Anus Does His Tantrums, Hate, and “revenge porn” against heros, it’s the (No Shit!) world that’s Pushing Back Very hard here This will All Come Back To Bite Him in his VERY Fat Ass. And Those Around him Will all feel the direct legal Consequences. It’s going To Cost Them Everything. And they […]

Seems like the entire world is now aware of “The Rip”. Pelosi just ‘Ripped Rumps’ Entire (“RIP!”) shitty Speech in Half. And That’s Because it was filled will lies, bluster, bullshit and hate The world’s not goin’ to be Good to Orange Anus. And things will get worse for him but he Will Get his […]

Iowa Corn-holed & SOOD…

February 4th, 2020

Iowa can’t seem to get their Shit Together And that’s bad for farmers; they need that (We know) “Shit” to Fertilize their Fields. Seems they can’t ‘count’ now a days with their caucus What Should Have been One Night or just 3-4 hours, is now Going on two Days. Yes, you Read that Right. Right […]

Stupor Bowl & Raucous Caucus…

February 3rd, 2020

As our Representative Democracy Slides Into The toilet with the Senate Impeachment sham, we all (We Know) tip our caps to the Greatest Ad Revenue Event of a lifetime…that happens to have A Football Game around it. The Stupor Bowl! And While the Entire Western World Watches, The Senate Republicans end Their Careers/Party; the Democratic […]

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