Larry David has not only “found” the PERFECT

way to skewer the MAGA crowd; he owns now

(“Fuck off!”)

publicly Destroyed their sick shit forever. Talk

about flipping the Script, he Crushed them All

with One Sketch & One Response. A Mic drop

And While their Days Circling the Drain are all

about to go Away Forever; the crook behind it

all in William Barr just legally Exposed his Fat

underbelly, AGAIN tryin’ to Shove his Fat Ass

finger on the “Scale” in the Rodger Stone trial

sentencing. Three Prosecutors just QUIT Over

(<-Criminal shit!)

it. And Judge Jackson is likely to Throw some

fire & Brimstone, At Barr/All His Specific DOJ

lackey’s for trying this “Insane Partisan Stunt”

And forget it’s also MASSIVELY Illegal as Well

NOTE: Jussie Smollett, Has Been Indicted! YES! This
Is just the 1st Step for Justice That Our Entire Damn
Country Needs to Heel From This Insane lawless Shit
I’ve so Covered this Sham, Since the Very Beginning
NOTE II: Georgia Judge Rules AGAINST state for It’s
handling of Voter Information. Meaning a Big Win for
Democracy; and not for those tryin’ to Suppress it all

Have a day!


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