As the entire Republican continues it’s demise,

they find new Lows to go in smearin’ and lying

(Asshole on left)

slandering A Military Vet Hero. Fucking Christ

Alexander Vindman, a Lieutenant colonel who

served In Iraq(Purple Heart) testified today &

it was just as damnin as the others. In fact, It

Put Sondland In likely Perjury Charges. And It

didn’t stop there. He said it was Wrong to do it

“I did not think it was proper to demand that a
Foreign Government Investigate A U.S. Citizen”

It simply confirms everythin the whistleblower

said. AGAIN. That’s it Folks. Game, Set, Match

(Oh shit!)

And, Republicans Know it. They Are Trying To

“out” the Whistleblower daily in testimony. Oh

yes, you read it correctly. And while the entire

Republican Party Behind Closed Doors, is now

panicking, polling/re-election problems are all

just STARTING for them. Their own R speaker

Moscow Mitch, Is “Under Water”. His Approval

Rating is at 18% & sinkin. Ouch and as this is

all happening, A Formal Impeachment Inquiry


Vote will happen this Thursday denying all R’s

Another Ignorant Process. Happy Halloweenis!

NOTE: Nicole Wallace just Called Out Every Chicken Shit
Immoral Partisan Asshole, Who All Slimed This War Hero
BRAVO! Another New Voice of Reason Screams Out Here

Have a day!

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