In what can only be called, one of the greatest

historic “Unity Moments” our Country has seen


in a while; When at The World Series, Trump

his wife & other Republicans were all LOUDLY

“Boooooooooed”. It was glorious; to all those

great American’s Who clearly see Reality, my

heart is FULL. And the Best Part?!?!? Mocking

his authoritarian hate they all started to chant

“Lock Him Up!”. And they Unfurled an big ass

impeachment ‘Banner’. These Patriotic Fans’ll

always have a place in my heart; bravo they’re


best of us All. There Will Be An Impeachment

Vote this Thursday, just in time for Halloween

BOOM! They are Massively Fucked. And While

Orange anus screams in a victorylap over just

killing ‘ISIS Terrorist Baghdadi’; & Military are

pissed at him stating this Happened, “In Spite

of him”. Holy shit. Always, thank you to those

who Serve. Your Honor’s Boundless, together!


Chicago decided to tell Trump to go fuck off in

a Great Protesting Way Today. Boooooooooom

NOTE: Democratic House Rep, Katie Hill, Has Resigned
She Was the target Of Revenge Porn by an Ex-Husband
She Had An “Inappropriate” Sexual Relationship With a
Staffer. I Don’t Give A Shit Who You ‘Fuck’ If it’s Simply
Consensual. She, Should Not Resign. This Is Just lunacy

Have a day!

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