What if I told you the “Giuliani Goon Squad” just

tried to Claim “Executive Privilege” in their court

(Suck it!)

trial?!?! Forget, they’re not Even Members of the

Executive Branch so they Can’t. BUT the kicker’s

even better; this TIES their crimes directly to the

entire Oval Office. Ha Ha Ha Ha! And, As All of It

goes down the drain most ALL of the Republicans

big “Plan” is to argue About the Process……..that

THEY Put in Place, in 2015, Under John Boehner

HA HA HA HA! They can’t argue the Facts in this

Case. Trump Did It. He, Admitted It. The Whistle

(“I did it!”)

Blower Confirmed it. Now Taylor did as well and

so did Cooper; shit Mulvaney did too. Oh boy oh


And they ALL deserve every second of what’s so

coming. They Will All kill their Careers in live TV

Their MAIN Problem Here is they Are used to all

Using Propaganda/Lies/Hate. Without, ‘Knowing’

all the Facts these hearings are “compiling” they

(Enjoy assholes!)

can’t fight against anything yet. Then when these

facts all come out. It Will be Way to Late for them

NOTE: Kellyanne Hatch Act CON-Way Just Got In Deeper Legal
Hot Water, in a Taped Berating then Threatening Of A Reporter
Ooooooooooops. This Is BAD. A WH Spokesperson/Government
Official Illegally Threatening A Reporter. She, Is in DEEEEP Shit

Have a day!

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