The entire Repubkkklian Party is now Officially

dead. A large group of House Republicans ALL

(So Long!)

decided to violate their oath of Office, National

Security & Our Constitution By “Storming” the

SCIF Impeachment Hearings. These ‘Hearings’

Are “Secure”, & “Do Not Allow Cell Phones” So,

Republican’s, who aren’t ON these Committees

decided to BREAK THE LAW. The kicker?!?!?!?!

They Coordinated it With (Drum Roll)  TRUMP!

Yeppers, ya read that Correctly. That makes it

Another Obstruction Impeachment charge, For

(Bye Bye!)

the House. Jeeeeeez. Their main “Goal” of this

criminal Distraction was 2 obstruct legal lawful

impeachment Inquiry “Proceedings”. It did not

work. DOD’s Official, Laura Cooper Testified, &

it was even more Damning than Taylor’s. Wow

These Republicans Should be Jailed, lose Their

security clearance, charged with ethic(censure)

& National security breach violations. And they

did while Nancy Pelosi was just at her Brothers

(Sargent At Arms!)

funeral. They are All legally super fucked Here

And Bill Barr must now recuse himself from all

matters with the Ukraine call or suffer removal

NOTE: Mark Zuckerberg Decides, To Allow Diss-information &
Overt Propaganda Due to His ‘Financial Interests’. Well, What
Good Is America, If There Is No “America” Left?!?!?! He Can’t
Answer That. He’s A ‘Classic Libertarian’. $ Trumps Reality. It
Is Like Thanos Running a Social Network, this must not Stand
NOTE II: Trump Lies About the Kurds In Syria Again Claiming
Victory When This Was A ‘Surrender’. 100 ISIS JUST Escaped

Have a day!


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