While Orange Criminal Asshole, Does His

“Racist Hate Distraction”, Bill Taylor Just

(Not this time!)

speed up Impeachment to levels that are

undreamt of. He Overtly Stated the Potus

withheld funding for the Ukraine (Illegal)

until they Helped Trump dig Up false dirt

on the Biden’s. No one took his ‘Lynching’

Distraction. Everyone, Listened To Taylor

Trump, fucked. Pence, Fucked. Barr, you

guessed it, fucked. Mulvaney, fucked and

Pompeo/Along with every Republican shit


ignorin’ these damnin’ illegal facts, fucked

And Most ‘Importantly’, Sondland, lied So

he will be Pulled Back &’ll also be charged

While this is ALL happening in The US, up

in Canada, they re-elected Justin Trudeau

(Now, With A Minority Party, in Control of

their Government). With All of This Going

on, Republicans are either outright lyin or

(“I won again?”)

AVOIDING the inevitable. Nowhere 2 run

Nowhere 2 hide. You’re ALL super fucked

NOTE: Hillary Clinton, Was “Legally EXONERATED”
From ALL Charges About Any Server Miss-Use. Oh
Boy! Not a single Republican/TV Outlet Reported it
NOTE II: Brexit keeps Losing & Boris Will Keep On
Steppin even closer to a No Confidence Vote. Oops

Have a day!

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