Legend Dies & Sondland Sings…

October 17th, 2019

A Hero Of Congress, Elijah Cummings, & A Great

human being has passed away. A Civil Right icon


who Truly, In Every Bipartisan way told the truth

& Stood For Democracy, fairness, justice & honor

EVERYTHING Trump/’Republicans’ Today Are Not

And as A Nation Mourns, we see his legacy will be

one others will Follow Closely. After all, this is the

new class. Speaking of someone with no class the

Orange Anus, Pence & Pompeo just surrendered 2

Turkey. YES, you “Read” the correctly. There is no

“Cease fire” or “Win” here. It’s pure abandonment

telling the Kurds, our Allies they have 5 days to all

(Bye Bye)

LEFT their country/homes. WTF?!?! Sheer lunacy

When R-Mittens Romney comes out against ya it

is a WAKE UP CALL. And as Our National security

hangs in the balance R-Sondland testifies today &

Confirms the Whistle Blower. Also Throwing Rudy,

Pompeo, Pence & Trump Under the Bus. And Just

to add the worst on Top of the worst, the WH chief

of staff, Mulvaney just Admitted it was a Bribe for

(Eject to jail)

Political Conspiracy Against The DNC. WOW! They

fully keep on doing crimes in front of us. It is over

NOTE: Moscow Mitch, Has Now “Asked” For Even HARDER
Conditions Against Syria. Never Ever Assume Mitch Won’t
Save His Own Ass. But This Is a ‘Win’ for National Security

Have a day!

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