Obama delivered a great speech today. Yes,

he was Always Good for one of those, but it

(<-Real Leader)

wasn’t Enough. These Days, That Is like ice

cold water after Trudging through a Cheeto

dusted Dessert. His One Message This Nov.,

VOTE~!!! Shatter Turnout Records & VOTE

Oh Speaking of Lunacy, Lindsay “I Support

all Racist Lying immoral Assholes” Graham

thinks ” Abortion” should be “banned”. Yes,

you read it right. He thinks since it was not

(<-Big Liar!)

IN the Constitution to begin with, get rid of

it. Cool no more “guns” then. Only muskets

Do not let Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS folks

NOTE: George Papadopoulos sentenced to 14
Days In Prison. Oooooooooops. More Are Also
Coming. Trump & Crew should all be Terrified
NOTE II: Evil Asshole ‘Shoots Up’ A Cincinnati
Bank. 3 Died & 2 Were Badly Wounded. He Is
Now Dead. This Madness Must End Right Now

Have a weekend!

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