While Trumple Thinskin Tweets Away All His

lies and hate, the rest of The World looks on


with part anger & mostly resolve. This shit’s

not normal. None of It is & Everyone knows

it. Orange Ass Is doing more to rile up all of

the Progressive voters. To that, I say “great”

Not only is he helpin’ vote out his R buddies,

he can’t even see that Nike Stock is Way up

today Meanin’ he doesn’t know what #’s are

Nike’s on the right side of History, humanity,

justice And Peaceful Protest. Trumpers & the


others are not. And They Know it. See, Nike’s

accountants sided with $ & the future not the

sad racist past. Brett Kavanaugh hearings did

there Thing today, with some fireworks. He is

not Fit to Serve on the SCOTUS. He will try to

Overturn Roe VS. Wade, end LGBTQ Rights &

attempt to help Trump escape prison time. So

the stakes couldn’t be any higher people. This

(<-“Unfit Partisan”)

nominee Is ‘Unfit’. And as all this happens, in

Chicago, Rham will not run for Re-election?!?

Wow, look Out Chicago. Wild Days Are Ahead

NOTE: So Marco Rubio to Lunatic And Failing Fraud
Alex “Almost Gone” Jones “Don’t Touch Me” And It
Was Hilarious. Jones Is Finished. Suits will end Him

Have a day!

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