Burr In Trumps Saddle…

March 30th, 2017

Since, Devin “I’m A Biased Lying Trump

Whore” Nunes “halted” his investigation

(<-Going Down)

it seems the Senate will take up a new 1


NC R-Senator Richard Burr, Will Now be

Chairing A Touted “Bi – Partisan” Senate

Intelligence Committee. He already said

he was a “Trump Voter” But his Job is to

“Serve The American people” & I believe

him. At Any Moment That Belief Can Be

proven Wrong, But As Of Now I’ll take it

at Face Value. Aside from this Occurring

(Justice is coming!)

they Should Have A Fully “independent”

Investigation into these Serious charges

of Trumps direct Financial ties to Russia

This is not only terrible optics, its is just

Obstruction at This Point & Jail for most

Ironic Projection: “Lock her up!” is Now

“Lock them ALL up throw the key away!”

NOTE  : Trumps Approval Rating, Drops
AGAIN Now At 35%. He’ll Be At 20% By
May Heading Down As An Impeachment
Of Him ‘Begins’. So, Down, Down, Down
NOTE II :  The Sean Spicer School Of BS
Where He, Never “Answers” A SINGLE ?
But, Happy, To Deflect/Attack Reporters
UPDATE : Mike Flynn AKA Russia’s Boy
Wants “Immunity” To Tell All. Oh Guess
What How About NONE, Asshole Or You
Go To Jail Forever For Treason?! This Is
The Start Of The End For Them All!!!!!!!

Have a day!

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