Blame Game Of Shame..

March 27th, 2017

Trump Failed, Simply Because he Does

not grasp HOW Governance works. He

(<-Orange Anus!)

Doesn’t Know How To Pass A Bill, What

it takes to Gain Consensus, Or Even the

rules of “How many votes you need” so

he went down in fat Orange flames and

always continues 2 do so, he lacks rigor

His Approval Rating Is at 36%, and it is

dropping like temperatures in the north

pole. And who does he blame? Oh thats

easy, Everyone BUT him. Geeeeeeeeeee

(Down he goes)

If it’s Always Some One Else’s Fault, the

one Constant Fuck Up, is YOU. Cheeto’s

head won’t be POTUS by May. Enjoy!!!!!

NOTE : Kopple Topples Trump & Hannity
Stating “You are bad for America”. Boom
NOTE II : Racist Joe Arpaio Doesn’t Want
His Actual Racist Words Allowed In Court
Guess What?!? You OWN That Shit Fucko

Have a day!

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