Putin On The Ditz…

March 22nd, 2017

Part, of being A “Mastermind” is the

Obvious “Mind” Part. Trumpy, Flynn,


Manafort, Carter Page, the Agalarovs

Dmitry ‘Rybolovlev’, Michael Caputo,

and Many, many more. Like Russia’s

Fertlizer King ties (you honestly can’t

make this shit up). He’s buddies with

a Bullshit King…….Dmitry Rybolovlev

You Know, That Big Name, Above us

well turns out, he bought a $100 Mill

pad from…….TRUMP! Now in fairness

(We know)

he also bought 1 Will Smith’s Hawaii

Pad But, “Jiggy With It” Isn’t POTUS

He’s goin down at light speed people

London Horror :  5 Dead & 40 Injured
In “Horrific” Attack. We Will, Find Out
All Motives As All The Facts Come Out

Have a day!

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