Dasvidaniya Donny! Trumps ties to Russia

go Back 30 Years. He Has Russian Kremlin

(We know)

Oligarchs Cash in his properties to the tune

of $100 million. Hint: They don’t ‘live’ here

When you’re POTUS that’s called, a fucking

bribe. U can’t serve 2 masters, your pocket

Book And Your Country. The ‘Russian’ Bank

Alfa doesn’t Seem like Any Smoking gun by

the way it isn’t Putin Friendly SO That does

not make any logical sense yet but it should

be fully understood. Put it this way any guy

or Gal Who is A US Citizen Can Do Business

(He got the $)

with Russia That is Legal. When You Are A

“Sitting” US President, you Can Not do that

The Constitution Says, a President can only

be impeached for “Treason, Bribery & other

high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”. Well one

out of four is a fast start. The “Emoluments

Clause” likely brought down Flynn. Now it’s

got The Fat Orange Anus Right in it’s Sights

NOTE: Gorsuch’s Response’s Right On The
Mark, For Abortion Rights. Garland Was So
‘Stole’n By Mitch McConman. Pay Back Shit

Have a day!

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