Comey say no “Wire tapping”. Clapper

say no “Wire tapping” or FISA warrant


Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., Told News

at a press conference Wednesday in Dc

“We don’t have Any Evidence that that

took Place.”. That’s Because It Did Not

Happen. This Is ‘Trump’ Using Racist R

bloggers who lie & have Always Shown

no journalistic ethics to the truth. They

simply Lie Because They Do, Not, Care

james-clapper-mtpedited-1(“Never happened”)

about the Truth, Facts, or Reality. Only

care about Propaganda, Lies, Incorrect

conspiracy Lunacy & White Supremacy

Trumps “Shtick” Failing Fast

As you all know, I do stand up comedy

Well, I attempt it and learn something

Donald spewing his bullshit(Derp!)

New/Wonderful Each Time, I Perform

Trumps habitual lying, ignorance, and

overall unwillingness to better himself

Favoring ‘Bloviating Hate/lies/Division’

Only problem?!? A one note weak joke

It’d be Like Me Headlining With Knock

Knock jokes For :45. And He’s only :3

minutes into A 4 Year Act. He is Dying

up There. The crowd, The Owners And

the other Comics Aren’t At all Amused

Donald-Trump-circus-act-donkeyhotey(“Knock knock!”)

That “hook’s” coming quickly as things

are addin’ up against him. He did it all

to himself grabbing the mic. It’s hubris

Now just Remember….he is the POTUS

NOTE: Lunatic Rand Paul Proposes An
Insurance Plan Through The NRA. Wtf
NOTE II : CONnway Was “Paid” To Lie
Before In A Court Of Law So Disgustin’
UPDATE : Democrats, Try Moronic Bill
That Doesn’t Present Policy To Change

Have a day!

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