The new TrumpCare bill is going

nowhere. It’s Simply a give away


to the top 1% at the expense of

all Poor, Sick And Elderly. FUCK

YOU!!!!!! What is the entire wire

tapping lies, TrumpCare and all

the other distraction are for one

reason alone. His Financial Ties

to Russia. The Walls are Closing

In, And He/Bannon Knows That

Speaking of Racist Hateful fucks

Bashing the Trumpcare(We Know)

R-Steve “Bigot Boy” KKKing just

tweeted this bigoted gem. Oh my

how Do These Shit Stains on the

underwear of life eva get elected

Today, Republicans Have Simply

ALL Become The Villains in Films

Only Worse, Cause They Actually

HURT People, In The Real World

This Likely, Ends The Careers, of


most All People Standing with a

lying Orange anus POTUS. They

are Toast in The Midterms 2018

NOTE: Town Halls Are Exposing
Republicans, For The ‘Vindictive’
‘Hateful Lying Frauds’ They ARE
NOTE II : Republican Claims We
Should Put A Tax On The Sun?!?
UPDATE: Racist Ferguson Police
Department LIED Well Not Shit!
Brown, Was Doing, A Weed Deal
They Said, He Robbed The Store

Have a day!

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