And “Down” They Go…

March 2nd, 2017

In what is likely To Be Called The

“Russian Sessions” here comes a

jeffsessionsfeuerherdoath(“I promise to lie!”)

White House Meltdown That Has

neverbeen seen before in history

(Shit, it even took Nixon 5/6 years
And these Russian tied fucks did it
In a little over one Month. Bravo!!)

Jeffery “The Racist As Fuck!” AG

Sessions Claimed in his hearings

that he Never Spoke With Russia

He spoke with Them TWICE. Yes

read that again. One of the times

was a ‘Private Conversation’ with

Sessions and russian ambassador

Sergey Kislyak, that took place in

September in the Senator’s office

Busted, Caught redhanded, done,

Jeff sessions lying under oath(Bigot Bullshit Machine)

smoking gun, hand in cookie Jar,

fucked, no Way out (Costner flick

intended), & that, that’s all Folks!

He was asked directly “What he’d

do if there was ‘Evidence’ anyone

Associated with Trump campaign

communicated with the Russians”

And Sessions direct reply to that?

“I did not have communications with the Russians”


Bob, what Does he win?!?!? A trip

to a hearin’ where he will be likely

going 2 jail for committing treason

Congress Shine A Light on Trump(Shine A Light!)

At the least He Must be Recused &

at the most…..well it’s over for him

and everyone else. When the Truth

“Outs” & it Always Does The “Buck”

stops with The Orange Anus. Boom

NOTE : DNC’s, Laughable Trump Talk
Response, Of A Babbling 70 Year Old
In A Staged Diner. Wow, You Suuuck
NOTE II : So, Trumps Campaign May
Have Violated, Campaign Fundraising
Laws On The Book. Right Now, Looks
Bad, Since What He Took In Was Not
Used To Pay Down Since They Clearly
Had More Than Enough Cash In Hand
UPDATE: Someone Find Out Who The
Kid Is Behind Sessions Testifying That
Lie Over His Left Shoulder W/Tongue!
At :13 Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllaaaarrrrrriiiiiiiious

Have a day!

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