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How Did We Get Here?!?!

September 15th, 2016

To Where A Drumpf Spokesperson spews lie after lie, after big lie and (“Da fuck?!?”) every questions answered with the “But….Hillary did this” in Turn just never answering or addressing the original question. In their quest for ratings and ad revenue (Which are at alltime highs) in the cable News they lost all their Journalism. […]

Awkward “Interruption”…

September 14th, 2016

Drumpfy was at a Methodist Church when He Was “Interrupted” by their (“Oh hell no!”) pastor. Drumpfy was Just Attacking Hillary when the pastor jumped in it “Mr. Trump, I Invited You Here to Thank Us For What we did in Flint, not give a political speech” The “Toupee Turd” Was Also Badly heckled with: […]

By now this is all everyone’s talkin’ about. A faint wobble and the weak (Wobbles) knee’s at her car over the very big 9/11 weekend And is it a cause for concern. Right now?! No. Because last I checked,people get sick they always have and every presidential “candidate” is no exception. Shit it happens to […]

Trump Has More Positions Then…

September 12th, 2016

The Karma Sutra. Clinton Has Her issues (Wall Street, and running a (Yes, we know) middle to right leaning campaign) But one of them isn’t taking every “Position Possible”, ‘On’ Any Given Policy Issue, without explaining in any detail, HOW he intends to just Implement It. The Reason Drumpf does that?!?! He doesn’t have any […]

Have You Ever…

September 8th, 2016

Been trying to do your job, lied very badly, then were openly laughed at? (Ha ha ha ha!) Drumpf liar of the Week is now one Kayleigh McEnany (You Can’t make these names up) Which Sounds like Jack-a-ninny. She Was On CNN lyin about Drumpfy’s Bribe To AG Bondi She claimed, & now get this, […]

Drumpfs New “Blackface”…

September 7th, 2016

Trump “Went” to an African American Church, to ‘Show up‘, and pretend he (Ha ha ha!) gives a shit. This turned out to be the most cringe worthy, odd, out of place unsettling insanity we’ve seen. And it is a LOT to say with what we have all already Seen. It Had That “There, we […]

Laborless Day Weekend!

September 6th, 2016

Hope you silly’s had a great 4 day weekend. If there Was something (Hope U Loved it!) Golf, Music, ‘Booze, ONE Fantasy football draft, & hanging with our good friend. Boom, it Sure was so buckets of giggles. Now on to the most insanely Dysfunctional Vote in An Election I have ever seen in my […]

With The Bar So Low…

September 1st, 2016

Drumpf had a win yesterday. No doubt About it. We are objective (Fuck off!) here and The Truth doesn’t pick sides. That said, he didn’t ‘spew’ his “And YOUR Going To Pay for the wall!” right to Enrique’s face (The President Tweeted he was NOT Going To Pay for the wall) He Waited, Until AFTER […]

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