With The Bar So Low…

September 1st, 2016

Drumpf had a win yesterday. No

doubt About it. We are objective

Enrique-Peña-Nieto-y-Donald-Trump.-EFE-660x330(Fuck off!)

here and The Truth doesn’t pick

sides. That said, he didn’t ‘spew’

his “And YOUR Going To Pay for

the wall!” right to Enrique’s face

(The President Tweeted he was
NOT Going To Pay for the wall)

He Waited, Until AFTER He Was

safely back in AZ to try that line

on his rabid base. Ooooooooops

And This “Meeting”, Surly HURT

The two guys are standing(Backfire!)

Enrique Pena Nieto, with his so

low “Approval Rating”. You can

bet it’s below 15% now for sure

What was he Thinking?! Do not

know, But It Backfired so Badly

But now we get 2 the real meat

of Drumpf. The bar is set SOOO

low that if he doesn’t “Fling” his

own feces on Others, that’s now

a “win”? It’s not & it didn’t even

bar-too-low(Yes it is)

stop Drumpf from, “One” of the

WORST Lies Republican Racists

spew at everyturn about history

They ‘Claim’ Democrats, are the

Racist Party. Ahhhhhhhhhhh No

sparky. Try The Party Of Lincoln

switched over segregation in the

1950’s. All The Racist Dixiecrats

became Republicans And All the

‘Progressive Republicans’, Were

trump_hate(We know)

now Democrats. It has been the

same Ever Since. And then, you

get Their ‘Republican’ Southern

Strategy. Which is how Trumpy

Came About. So Historical facts

And if you Fact Check his racist

Hate Speech, you find Some big

holes, that We ALL so expected

NOTE: After Doubling Down On
His Deportation ‘Hate’ In An AZ.
By Drumpf And Other TeaOPers
Two Top Hispanic Trumper’s Do
A 180 And LEAVE. Oooooooops
NOTE II: So Who Depends More
On The Federal Government?!?!
You Guessed It The ‘Red States’
UPDATE: White Lives Matter Or
Trumps Base Is Officially A Hate
Group. Well No Shit. They Don’t
Seek “Equality”, But Supremacy

Have a day!

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