Trump Has More Positions Then…

September 12th, 2016

The Karma Sutra. Clinton Has Her

issues (Wall Street, and running a

lying-machine(Yes, we know)

middle to right leaning campaign)

But one of them isn’t taking every

“Position Possible”, ‘On’ Any Given

Policy Issue, without explaining in

any detail, HOW he intends to just

Implement It. The Reason Drumpf

does that?!?! He doesn’t have any

fox-donald-trump-021916(<-Ha ha ha)

answers. Never has, just all the lies

that “It will be huge!!” & “It’ll be so

great!!!” And “Tremendous”. Just a

Series Of “Meaningless” Buzzwords

with No Actual Policy Content what

so ever. The upcoming Debates will

be a very Rough Ride for Trumpy if

trump-taxes(So long!)

the “Moderators” live in reality and

point that Out to his Huge Liarness

NOTE : Drumpfy “Wants” Debates
With NO Moderators. Ha Ha Ha!!!!
Of Course He ‘DOES’ So Facts And
Reality, Are Not ‘Allowed’ To Crush
Him, That Will Never Ever Ever Fly
Just Hook Up ‘Watson’ To Buzz Em
Every Time, Trump Lies About Shit
NOTE II: NFL Season, Started With
A Bang. Tons, Of Close Games And
Was A Blast, To Tube All Weekend!

Have a day!

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